Oh, hello there!

My name is Sophie, I come from Clermont-Ferrand, in France, and I made the big move in 2017 when I came to live to London. I am currently a French Language assistant in a private school in South-West London, but I aim to be a lecturer/researcher in Victorian literature. I am applying to Master’s and crossing my fingers very hard in order for British universities to want me and support my ideas. I am indeed quite passionate about 19th-Century Britain and books, so I thought writing a blog could be great practice for me – and especially a way to improve my written English.

If I had to pick one book as my favourite, I couldn’t and would cheat since I would chose two : Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë and La promesse de l’aube (Promise at Dawn), by Romain Gary. These two rascals are, by the way, my favourite authors… I think.

I am also really into music, and love to share my new discoveries and/or my favourite artists or tracks, on here.

I used to write in French on this blog, but I feel more comfortable expressing myself in English, which was my first true passion. Unfortunately, my love for British English led me to the sad realisation that my surname is not so classy in the UK. Oh well!

You can find me on the interweb, where I am more or less active:

InstagramTwitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn | Goodreads

See you later!



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