Organising my bookshelves (and a mini bookshelf tour!)

As I mentioned in my last Stacking the Shelves, I bought a lot of new books in October, which means that I quickly ran out of space on my shelves. As I needed to tidy all my books, I thought I would document the process! As you will see, I really don’t have much space for all my books (or at least, I wish I had a lot more) so I have to be clever. My boyfriend (he’s a big reader as well) and I share a big bookshelf and a few shelves that we have on one wall , we also have a couple more wall shelves but I leavethem to him as they’re his ‘writing books’. I figured it made more sense for him to have all the books useful for his writing at the same place, rather than scattered around the place in my very personal organisation! Anyway, here’s what we had to deal with:

Look at my cute Halloween glow-in-the-dark skeletons!

So… yes, it was pretty messy. It was all the more upsetting that I had last organised my shelves in September! I had attempted a rainbow shelf (separating paperbacks from hardbacks), and I had freed a couple of the wall shelves to put some books on, but the bottom one ended up receiving my cameras and lenses, books awaiting for their rightful place, and various bits and bobs. Besides, it was a tragic set-up as there is a gap between the end of the shelves and the wall which meant that books kept falling off. I had also an extra pile of books on our coffee table that needed to be put away –

The only way to get started was to get everything out of the way, putting all paperbacks and hardbacks together, and also differentiating collections and purpose (for instance, I like my Penguin Classics to be together, and my Victorian non-fiction to be apart from the rest).

Paperbacks (in the background, on the shelf, are my Harry Potter books because they’re quite fragile so I prefer to have them in a safe place)
Hardbacks/Oxford and Penguin Classics/Penguin Modern Classics/French books/Victorian books/Antiques/Special series

I didn’t remove many books from the bottom shelf of my bookcase because they’re all big and heavy books that can’t fit anywhere else, so I saved some time and effort by leaving them where they were.

I started by putting all my antique books on the higher wall shelf, as well as all my Jane Austen Vintage classics. The shelf below is for my Penguin English Library books, my Brontës Vintage classics, and my Harry Potter books. Below that, we have my Persephone books, My Brilliant Friend book series, our Penguin Modern Classics, some Penguin orange spines and my Victorian non-fiction books. Finally, I’ve put together my Penguin and Oxford classics, and my French novels on the bottom shelf.

For the bookcase, I went for rainbow shelves again – separating paperbacks and hardbacks. I have to say, I’m not convinced I like this set up, I think I prefer a more traditional order or sorting out books by size. I feel like it looks a bit chaotic at the moment! There are also some books underneath the bookcase because I ran out of space… To be fair, these are my boyfriend’s economics and maths textbooks so they can absolutely stay hidden there, haha!

I also realised that most of the books I have I’ve either read or presented to you in a haul, so I don’t think I will be taking part in Shelf-Control for the time being. I have many more books in France but if I’m honest, I don’t know exactly what’s there… so yeah, taking a break from this meme which I really liked but I don’t think I’ve got interesting content for it.

Anyway, here are my two favourite bits: My Harry Potter and English Library section, and my vintage Stephen King paperbacks collection – with a delicious Peach-scented candle on top!

I don’t know if this was very interesting, but I hope this might have inspired you to try a new way of organising your shelves, I think it’s a great lockdown activity!

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