October Wrap Up

I’ve read a total of five books in October, all rather spooky! I loved reading thrilling novels, I thought it helped a lot with my mood strangely.

Why did I not read this before?! Well, I think I know why – people kept repeating that if I loved Jane Eyre, I should read Rebecca. So I think I was afraid to be disappointed and also, I might have felt slightly rebellious. But of course, everyone was right and it’s a perfect novel that I absolutely loved. I haven’t watched the latest adaptation yet, although I did watch the Hitchcock’s one and thought it was rather tame compared to the book.

I had already read Dracula a few years ago but I really didn’t like it at all. I gave it another chance and I liked it a lot more this time around. I think it’s a great book if you don’t know too much about vampires, but if you do… well, you kind of know this novel already because it’s so iconic and such a foundation of modern pop culture. It might be great to discover the origin of one of the most famous monsters in our culture, but I did find it boring at times because there was no element of surprise. It’s still a great action-packed horror book, though!

I have reviewed this book here, but in short I really liked it and would absolutely recommend it!

I am still conflicted about this book because I’m not sure how I felt about it. It was a great horror story, but I think I preferred the first half of the novel where you’re not sure whatever is going on. I also really enjoyed the hints the author throws about life on the reservation, and the overall quality of life of Native Americans. I will look up what Jones has written else, because I liked his voice.

That waas a great way to end up the month! I’ve always liked the film with Dniel Radcliffe, but had never read the book it was based on. I really liked it, it was very atmospheric and scary in a very entertaining way (as in, you can go to sleep after!).

Have you read anything spooky and/or amazing last month? Let me know in the comments!

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