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That’s such an interesting topic (like every week, really) and I actually never thought about seasonal reading before. I’m a little bit of a spontaneous reader as I never plan what I read ahead because my choices are mostly influenced by my mood. In short, my reading pattern is all over the place. 

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That being said, I tend to experience low mood in the summer and around March (that period where you just can’t take grey weather and darkness anymore!). During those times, I tend to read books that cheer me up and/or make me escape from my daily routine. I love Sophie Kinsella for summer because it’s just too hot to focus on serious texts, and she makes me laugh and feel for her characters. I also love to read romance novels during winter, but I usually prefer to escape to magical worlds during this season. Everything looks so dull and grey at the end of the winter that I need to dream of more colourful and fun things!

I also like to read and watch spooky things in the run-up to Halloween, because I love this holiday. I don’t attach a religious meaning to it, though – I only take advantage of it because I love ghosts, witches and vampires. That being said, I don’t necessarily like my spooky books to take place during Halloween because this is not a tradition that really speaks to me. In France, people only started celebrating Halloween because of American films but it’s not a tradition at all and I never went trick or treating. Again, I just love Halloween because I like autumn and creepy stuff!

As I was trying to think about my opinion on Christmas books, but realised that the only one I could think of was A Christmas Carol… I guess it really shows how much of a non-seasonal reader I am. To be honest, I thoroughly enjoy reading books set in winter or in a cold climate in summer because it reminds me of my favourite season – I’m really miserable in summer, as it happens. I can’t even think of seasons in my favourite books! But I guess if I had to attach a book (or series) to a season, it would be something like:


Elena Ferrante, My Brilliant Friend

Of course, being set in Italy, this novel (and the whole series) remind me of warmer weather, but the story really feels sticky and sweaty, and overall as stifling as a hot day in the city. Besides, pivotal events in Elena’s life happen during the summer – we can think of her holidays on Ischia for instance.


Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

Can you think of anything more breathtaking than the British moors in Autumn? I think it’s the perfect book to read when it starts getting dark early and you can wrap yourself in a blanket with a cup of tea.


Christelle Dabos, A Winter’s Promise

It’s in the title, isn’t it? I absolutely love this book series and it’s an amazing world to escape to when it all gets a bit too much.


Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice (how adorable is this book cover?!)

Jane Austen’s novels are fresh, funny and filled with sweet love stories so there’s nothing better to read in spring!

Do you read seasonally or are you, like me, a bit oblivious to seasons in books? If you do too, you should definitely check Rukky’s and Dani’s posts to find out more.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Reading Seasonally

  1. I definitely agree that during October I tend to want to read spookier things but, like you, I’m not really much of a seasonal reader! I do wish there were more Christmas reads outside of romance though. I would love a fantasy or horror centered around the Christmas season because it’s my favourite holiday!

  2. I’m not really a seasonal reader normally but when it comes to autumn/winter I do read more gothic or fantasy novels (despite not actually liking Halloween) 😀

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