I tried to read 1,000 pages in one weekend

‘Hmm… okay Sophie, do you have too much time on your hands?’ I may very well do, but I thought it would be a fun way to challenge myself to read more. Recently, I’ve been very good at making time during the week for my reading but at the weekend, I just scroll on Instagram and Depop for hours without reading a single page. I would much rather read than scrolling aimlessly, but I’ve had troubles motivating myself so I thought this challenge would be perfect for me.

The aim is simple: read a thousand pages between Friday 7pm and Monday 12am. That’s what I did, and I kept a little diary meanwhile to keep track of my reading so here is my crazy weekend!

Disclaimer: Before I start, I would like to say that one of the books I’ve read this weekend will be problematic to some people and I completely understand. I do not wish to promote its author’s point of view in any way at all. This is just a series that has a special place in my heart (as many, I’m sure) and it helps me with the low mood I’ve been experiencing recently.

Friday, 7pm – TBR
I am currently in the middle of reading and/or want to read this weekend:

  • Saltwater by Jessica Andrews ➡️ 100 pages left
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ➡️ 300 pages left
  • The Girls of Slender Means by Muriel Spark ➡️ 142 pages
  • The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett ➡️ 343 pages
  • Selection of short stories by MR James ➡️ 250 pages

Friday, 9.45pm
Had some dinner and watched The Office US, on page 210/295 of Saltwater – will try to finish tonight 🤞

Friday 11.48pm
Two hours later and I’ve only read 50 pages 😭 Saltwater is written in such a beautiful way that I really try to take my time and savour the author’s words. Some of the themes are difficult as well, so it’s not the kind of book you read quickly, I think. I should probably have gone for easier books but oh well! I will definitely not succeed in this challenge, but it’ll be fun to try anyway!

Saturday 12.18 am
I finished Saltwater and I cried because I lived very similar things to what Lucy is going through in the book. Andrews puts words on how I felt in such a beautiful way, I just couldn’t help crying (I need to add it was ugly crying, not a couple of dainty little tears at the corner of my eyes!). I will read a couple of chapters of Harry Potter in bed to feel a little happier now!

Saturday 1am
On page 376/636 of Harry Potter. I read 140 pages tonight in total – going to bed now!

You are allowed to laugh at my bookmark… I really need to get an actual one!

Saturday, 9.39 am
I had a full night of sleep for the first time since forever! Will read a chapter before getting up 😄

Saturday 11am
Had some breakfast and did some chores, now onto some more reading! Currently on page 398/636 of Harry Potter and I feel like the more I read this book, the less I move on with the story – there are some long passages that I just want to skim if I’m being honest!

Saturday 12.56pm
On page 504/636 of Harry Potter, yay! This one was never my favourite. Although it’s a little better than in my memory (in comparison to the mediocre film adaptation), I still find that some passages are dragging for too long and it’s a little annoying. It might also be due to the fact that there are more action scenes in this one (I like my stories slow and descriptive) and that I already know what’s happening. I feel like there are certain scenes that I’m looking forward to reading again and I’m annoyed that I have to read through everything else 🤦‍♀️ I will have a little pampering session and (finally) get dressed, and I’ll prepare lunch before another reading session!

Saturday 7pm
I had calls with relatives and baked some little bread loaves. Time went by so quickly! It’s already time to cook tea and I feel a bit guilty for not ready much at all this afternoon. I did some reading before baking though, but I can’t believe how fast time goes during the weekend!

Saturday 7.53pm
I’m now on page 559 of HP, the end is near 🙌 Now off to make tea and watch a film or something!

Saturday 10pm
Starting to read again! I knew I wouldn’t manage to read so much this weekend but I didn’t think I would be so far behind 🙈 for now, I’ve read 323 pages out of 1,000… lol. On the bright side, it’s a lot more than I usually manage to read in a whole weekend, so that’s pretty cool!

Saturday 11.45pm
Finally finished HP! It’s funny to read a book you loved as a child when you’re an adult. I remember thinking Harry was a bit annoying in this book, I was nine or ten then and now, I understand more simple things like being a teenager or being around death. These are not ideas you really get as a child, I think, or maybe but in a totally different way? I just remember thinking all teenagers were idiots when I was little! Also, I was ready to sleep but my bed broke… that certainly woke me up so I guess I’ll do some more reading then!

Sunday 12.28am
Tried to fix the bed but quickly gave up! Started The Girls of Slender Means but I feel so, so tired 😑 On page 26/142 and I read 426 pages so far this weekend, almost halfway through!

Sunday 9am
I just read for 30mins and I really like reading first thing in the morning, before getting up. Especially if the story is as nice as The Girls of Slender Means! It makes up for the terrible sleep I had last night. I only read The Prime of Miss Jane Brodie by Muriel Spark but I loved it so much, so I’m glad to be back in her writing – it’s so unique and funny, and it really makes you travel in time! On page 52/142

Sunday 1.39pm
I fell asleep while reading… the book is great but I was so exhausted! I couldn’t sleep because the slats of the bed underneath me were broken. It turns out that Ikea thought it would be clever to glue two scraps of wood together to make bed slats… IT REALLY ISN’T. Anyway, we fixed it and I feel a little better now. Getting some lunch before more reading – on page 120/142.

Sunday 2.50pm
Had some lunch and started to plan for my boyfriend’s birthday in September (exciting!). I also finished The Girls of Slender Means – I really liked it, it felt like opening a time capsule from 1945! Although I have to say I did feel uncomfortable when the narrator kept stressing that one of the characters was fat. As fat as she is, she’s still one of the main characters and goes on to do great things with her life, so I don’t think it was an actual mockery of fat girls. Probably just echoing all the other girls’ obsession with thinness. Nicholas reminded me of the writer in Auntie Mame, a sort of wannabe poet who’s better at seducing girls than writing.

Saturday 3pm
There’s a few things I need to do now – including writing my Sunday Post so I will stop reading. Started The Vanishing Half and I’m already hooked! On page 33/343

Saturday 6.35pm
I don’t know if my laptop is not good or if WordPress secretely hates me but it took me AGES to write my Sunday Post article and I had actually to write it twice 😭 anyway back to reading now!

This cover… seriously beautiful!

Sunday 9.45pm
On page 81/343 – I feel so into this book, I don’t want to stop reading! The writing is very atmospheric, and the premise is so engrossing. Bennett tackles loads of different issues really well, I can already say this will be a favourite at the end of the year! We had dinner and watched a bit of TV and now to do some more reading before bed… I won’t obviously get to the 1,000 but we’ll see how much I can read before my eyes can’t open anymore 😂 for now I’ve read 625 pages in total I think, so I’m actually very happy because that’s so much more than I usually read in a weekend!

Monday 12am
It’s over! I have read in total… 705 pages! 🙌 Obviously, I didn’t quite succeed but still pretty happy with my reading this weekend 😄

Well, that was quite an experience! I had a lot of fun trying to pack as much reading as possible in one weekend and I think this is something I will try again. It’s been tough finding motivation to just sit and read, when this is something that makes me so happy usually… so I’m very happy to have rediscovered the joy that it is to be completely engrossed with a story you don’t want to do anything else. I feel a lot more stimulated intellectually and creatively, and I think I fell asleep faster (apart from when my bed broke!). I’m not usually into challenges but this really was a lot of fun!

Do you think you could read 1,000 pages in one weekend? Maybe an idea for the bank holiday weekend! Let me know in the comments and Happy Reading x

7 thoughts on “I tried to read 1,000 pages in one weekend

  1. Well done! I’ve just finished The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas – 1250 pages. Wonderful and an easy read, but it took me 1-2 weeks. Love M R James by the way (I see ‘Count Magnus and Other Ghost Stories’ in your photo). 🙂

    1. I’ve never read The Count of Monte Cristo because I find the length so intimidating… but that’s definitely one on my list! And even if I didn’t get around to reading M R James that weekend, I’m currently reading his short stories and loving it! Would love to read Algernon Blackwood next!

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